HEMA gear
Accessories for your training and competitions
Armor Belt
Suede belt for attaching leg armor
This belt can be adjusted both in the front and back, ranging from 56cm to 106cm in circumference.

Suede belt has two types of fastenings for attaching armor: using a cord or for a ribbon with a width of up to 3,5cm. It can be used for both plastic and metal leg armor.
Blades Bag
Narrow bag for transporting and storing blades
It has a height of 142 cm and a width of 7 cm, allowing for the accommodation of longswords, rapiers, smallswords, sideswords, and even curved sabers blades. This bag is made of high-strength cordura, which protects the blades from water and temperature influences.

Inside the bag, there is a pocket for small accessories and blade attachments to the side. The bag is also conveniently carried using the adjustable strap and short handle.

The blade bag provides protection against damage and ensures safety from external factors during storage and transportation. Additionally, the bag adds individuality to the weapon and expresses your style and attention to detail.
HEMA Short cloak 350N
Short suede cloak 16th century with certified fabric inside
An elegant black and white cloak is an obligatory accessory of a nobleman and a second-hand weapon of any duelist.
And there is one possible size: collar girth up to 50cm

In the 16th century, one-shoulder cloaks came into fashion. They made it possible to keep the working hand unbound, ready to draw a rapier or pistol. At the same time, the hand covered with a cloak remained a secret: you could hide a dagger under the cloth. The cloak is sleeveless, allowing for maximum range of motion during fencing movements.

Poster "Meyer's Square"
Dense poster for training 50x50cm
The Meyer Square poster is not just a simple piece of artwork, but an essential tool for anyone interested in practicing and perfecting their swordsmanship skills. Dating back to the 16th century, this poster was originally designed as a teaching aid for German swordsmanship students and remains a popular resource for fencers and martial artists today.

The techniques depicted are still applicable in contemporary fencing and swordsmanship, making it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

The poster is made of dense synthetic material and has eyelets for fastening.
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