May The FENCing be with you!
Throughout one year, we brought to life several projects related to the Star Wars universe: one design was created by the client himself, one concept was based on an existing design that we adapted, and another one was entirely created from scratch, taking inspiration from the unique aesthetics.

Our Star Wars-inspired fencing jackets are a unique blend of epic design and high functionality. We have meticulously studied the visual elements from Star Wars movies and comics to incorporate them into the details of our jackets.

By utilizing the color palette, symbols, and graphic elements from the Star Wars universe, we are able to create jackets that are not only tools for fencing but true works of art.
Yes, we will continue to talk about the War
We talk about it every day, because every day our cities are shelled, every day our fighters do the impossible, every day we take back our native land at the cost of lives. You should know, you should hear, and a huge thanks to those who are helping Ukrainians at this time.

These photos in our kits were taken a year ago in the city of Izyum, when it was not yet captured, people did not try to leave, there were no hostilities, and some of the sculptures (9th century) were not destroyed by the Russian invaders.
Now the city is liberated, it was and will be Ukrainian, and we will raise our swords on Mount Kremenets.

Sport outside of politics does not exist, in fact never existed and cannot exist.
"Let's just make it beautiful"
or how the workshop was created
A few years ago, HEMA was not yet popular in Ukraine, and tournaments were held 2-3 times a year, but we already fell in love with historical fencing. That is why we had a stubborn intention to look beautiful and authentic, at the same time we wanted to dress the whole club and several dozen friends.

This is how the Great Tailoring began: an individual design was chosen for everyone, and later photos from fencing events became more attractive.
Now it's great to see the result of such work, and although the workshop has been rebranded, and our methods have improved over the years - the main thing has remained the same: ZephyrCraft is about convenience and aesthetics of HEMA equipment.

On the photos, only a part of our friends who took a risk and believed in newcomers without experience.
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