How to place an order?
  • Contact us by mail or any social media to clarify the details of the order.
  • Fill out the form for custom measurements HERE
  • Make an advance payment and leave your details for shipment. We will be in touch to notify you about the stages of the order.
Delivery features
We have worldwide shipping to most countries (except russia).
The cost will depend on the size of your order.
"Highly recommend for custom HEMA gear! Beautiful work that really makes me feel strong and sexy when I am fighting.
Way more selection and customization options than the big-HEMA companies. Quick shipping to the USA."
Roxana Hire
"I've been fencing longsword with the jacket you made for a few months now. I absolutely love it. Very sturdy and protective, nice zipper, and it looks amazing.
Customer service was great, and production was timely for a custom sized product."
Jim Cobra
"Very beautifully detailed fencing jacket + pants! They were able to accommodate my need for a 350N certification, which was super awesome! Shipping was a breeze, and they got to me safely in no time. Thanks again guys!!."
Elizabeth Skachenko
"Quality, beautiful and strong craftsmanship. I have made several purchases and will continue to do business with ZephyrCraft. Be patient as shipping times to the United States can be a little long but that is a small price to pay considering their country is at war. I promise it's worth the wait."
Francis Serenko
"Many thanks. I will set a new order when the new fencing motives are released."
Markus Köhler
"I love it. And thank you again for putting up with my stupid schedule.
I'm really excited to get the gear."
Rex Ashcraft
"Thank you. I have just try the jacket and woolen. Thats perfect."
Hing How
" Hi, I've just received the package!
I've tried it out and it looks fantastic.
The pants are VERY comfortable!"
Leonard Wee
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